Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Awards Yaaahhh

It's always such a nice gesture when someone enjoys your style so much so that they present you with a blogger award. I recently received two of them. First, my sis gave me the attitude blog award a while back and then I just received another attitude award from Lisa J (sorry I haven't posted it I've just been super busy). So I've combined them together here it is...

Now I get to mention three things that give me attitude.
1. My kiddo's.
2. Every opportunity that is afforded me.
3. Having a passion for everything I do.

And now to bestow this award to 5 bloggers who I think have attitude...
(This is the hard part since there are sooooo many talented people in blogland but I'll give it a go)

1. Amy at 1000 Sheets of Paper.
2. Mandy at A Sprinkling of Glitter
3. Erin Lee at Erin Lee Creative
4. Sandra at 365 Days of Cricut
5. Sammye Jo at 62 Cards

All of these ladies are incredibly talented and some of my favorite blogs to visit. Thank you again Ray and Lisa.


Celeste B. said...

Congrats on the award, and congrats to those you sent it to! :)

Melissa said...