Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Ahhhh how I miss you all!!! I'm back in school and have been for a moment which means I'm super, super, ubber busy and have absolutely no time for crafting. Good grades and dinner for the kiddo's takes presidence right now but.... I must make time. This is my sister's birthday month and over at her blog she is having a month long celebration including weekly challenges and prizes. The first challenge is to send a/some/many cards to our troops serving oversees. Serving 7 years in the military myself this is a challenge close to my heart so I must find the time to make a few cards. It really is a great cause and troops receiving our homemade cards that they can send home to their families makes their day. So head over to Ray's Blog and hope you get a chance to make a soldier's day/week/month. I'll post my card this eve and send it once I put together a little candy care package to send along with it. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day. :), Vanessa

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Laura said...

Hi Vanessa!

Long time :) ... I'm so sorry I didn't have the energy to come back to blogging... but now I'm feeling much better! I wish you all the best with your studies :) and more time for crafting :).

Hope to hear from you soon!