Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahhh my poor Blogger

Good afternoon all. I'm not really sure why but my blogger is freaking out and won't let anyone leave comments. I love getting comments so for a few days I'm going to revert back to an older version of blogger. Which means that all my fun stuff and my followers has been removed :(. You haven't been forgotten and once I figure out how to fix it I'll have ya'll back. If anyone is savvy enough to hip me to what's going on I'd very much appreciate any and all advice/help. :), Vanessa


Mandy said...

Yaaaaay I've been trying to leave you a message for days hunny, I emailed Raven in the end to ask her to let you know something was wrong cos I didn't want you thinking nobody loved you lol.
Give me a shout if you add your followers list and I'll follow you again.
Hope you are feeling better
hugs Mandy xx

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Hey girl! Just came over to check out your blog from your comment! I am going to do a tutorial for those flowers soon :)

I will be back to check out your blog more often!!! So cute!!

Laura said...

Hi Vanessa,
I wanted to contact you to explain those things but I didn't find your e-mail :(. If you want I can help you tune up your blog and make everything work (for free of course). Just e-mail me at acdsyst{at} and we will discuss the details. I am already helping Raven change her blog look :)


Laura said...

and about the comments... you shouldn't have changed to older blogger... there was a simpler solution: in settings just make sure you check any box in comment section but the EMBEDDED one... floating window works best with all templates... Just mail me we'll fix everything :)